Teco-Westinghouse Servo Kontrol

AC Servo amplifier…TSDA series




Encoder type incremental
Inverter control system Sinusoidal Wave PWM Control
Environment Temperature Operation: 0 ~ 50°C            Storage: -20 ~ 80°C
Humidity Operation/Storage: < 85% RH
Vibration < 0.5G
Control Mode Position / Speed / Torque
Position Input type A-B phase, Up-Down(CW/CCW) pulse, or pulse/direction
Max. Input Frequency 500K pps
Electronic Gear Ratio 1/27?A/B?127 (A&B=1~10000)
Speed Speed ratio 1:2000
Speed Variation Rate ?On rated speed?
Less than 0.03%, when load changes from 0% to 100%.
Less than 0.02%, when power source voltage changes from –0% to +10%.
Less than 0.05%, when operation temperature changes from 0°C to 50°C.
Preset Three preset speeds available through defining User’s Parameter
External torque control 0 ~ ±10V/Max torque
voltage range
0~±10V?Looking at the motor shaft, +V = CCW ?
Torque Speed Limit 0~±10V/ ?Rated speed?
Command: voltage range 0 ~ ±10V (Positive voltage for positive torque)
Communication RS-232C for User’s Parameter setting and status monitoring
JOG Running at speed set with parameter?Internal speed 1?
Alarm message 10 alarm messages are stored.
Over-Travel inhibit Positive or Negative Over-Travel inhibit  (If over-travel is occurred, the servo power may be disabled or put on hold.)
Protection Voltage, Current, Load, Speed; Encoder, memory malfunction
Encoder ratio 1/N: N=1 ~ 16?Encoder signal output ?
Digital Input Servo ON, Reset, Reverse Inhibit, Control Mode, External Torque Limit Emergency Stop, Pulse Input Inhibit, etc.
Digital output Servo Ready, Error, In Position, Zero Speed, Encoder Outpu
Regeneration Built-in